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The Temple View - About Us

Gondkar Group - Brief Profile

Launched in 1986 with some typical businesses, today Gondkar Group is leading Hotel and Hospitality business group in Shirdi (India) which is at the forefront of the religious place; also known as ‘Sai Abode’, a god who is worshipped by the numerous devotees in the world. The group has invested and marching significantly in advanced Hotel Industry and the allied networks viz. Leisure and Amusement Industry. In the past five years alone, Gondkar Group’s capital expenditure has exceeded at considerable level in the Shirdi city. In pursuit of our vision to lead the Hospitality, new cuisine world to our customers, and our mission to make our customers' lives a whole lot brighter, we leverage the talent of our employees to offer innovative services and a quality customer experience. We recognize the value of diversity within a group with a solid organizational culture.

Working with integrity, we value our relationships with the communities in which we work, our customers and employees, our shareholders and the media, governments and regulators, as well as suppliers and business and industry partners. We recognize the importance of these stakeholders, among others, in the sustainability of our business. Gondkar Group’s head office is in Shirdi, India, where the Group is listed among the top five of its kind by the Trip Advisor under the code “Top Ranked Service Providers”, concerning ‘The Temple View’, which is one of our finest Hotel providing luxury amenities.